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bryan standridge

Bryan loves recording bands and loves music. He believes music is magical and capturing that magic in a studio is an exciting and ethereal process. Drums, voices, instruments, and rooms are awesome, and he loves to record a mix of these sounds, usually all at the same time. He also believes the magic happens when musicians are playing together: looking each other in the eye, becoming more together. Bryan comes from a background limited by 4 to 8 tracks on tape machines, and still applies those techniques today with a cool mix of analog and digital gear.

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ezekiel lords

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ryan leyva AKA johnny nails

Ryan is a multi-instrumentalist, producer, engineer, composer, and performer from Seattle. Ryan has toured internationally in projects with American Idol stars, rappers, soul singers, grunge heroes, punk rockers, metal heads, western folk, and jazz bands.  Ryan has composed music for many licensing companies (Killer Tracks, Mega Traxx, SONOTON, DL Music...and more), movie trailers, and sound tracks for live theater and screen.  

When not writing or touring, Ryan is a Producer/Engineer/Mixer and has worked with amazing artists like Dave Grohl, Robert Glasper, Duff McKagan, & Wynton Marsalis.  He routinely calls on his vast knowledge of musical history to create something unique for each project.

Severely gifted at guitar (endorsed by Gibson Guitars), excellent at bass, good at piano, ok at drums, and knowledgable about how to fake most other instruments.

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cameron elliott



aaron schroeder

Schroeder moved to Seattle by way of Austin, TX in summer of 2007 and immediately began immersing himself in the local music scene. His first session was with Charles Leo Gebhardt IV (GGNZLA Records) and thru CLGIV he met and worked with bands that, in just a few short years, would become the bedrock of what could now be described as the current "Seattle Sound." Just a quick glance at his current client list and you'll find notables Wimps (Kill Rock Stars), Dude York (Hardly Art), Zen Mother (Illuminasty Records), So Pitted (Sub Pop), Great Spiders, Rose Windows (Sub Pop), Moon Palace (Plume Records, and Childbirth (Suicide Squeeze).

Since 2015, after leaving his own studio space, Schroeder has been working in and out of studios around the Seattle area as well as his own home studio Pierced Ears, and is happily finding a 2nd home at echoes.

If you make pop, rock, punk, country, noise, ambient; if your songs are 1 minute or 30 minutes; Aaron C. Schroeder is your go-to guy. No idea is off limits, no style out of bounds. But why trust this bio, book time now and experience the joy of creation yourself!


nick biscardi

"I take what I do seriously...I just don't do it seriously."

Nick grew up outside Philadelphia, spent some time in Chicago, and now lives in Seattle. That nugget of wisdom above is from a former professor of his, and helps him approach each new project relying on a sense of levity to stay grounded.

Since launching his career in audio, he's have garnered plenty of experience between worlds of audio post-production for film, live sound, and independent music production. It's been quite a ride so far; he even has an IMDb page!

A self-proclaimed “gastronaut”, he enjoys crafting monstrosities that no person in their right mind should ever eat. If it’s starchy, meaty, fried, or greasy, he's probably already had it. Twice.

Think he's the guy to help your next project? Then let's talk, why not!