echoes studios is West Seattle's finest full service commercial recording studio with a mix of vintage, new, analog, and digital gear. We specialize in magical recordings of music, podcasts, or anything else you can imagine. We have an amazing team of engineers that can handle any project or genre.

Our live room (23’ x 21’ with 9’ ceilings) looks good and sounds great. The spacious and comfortable control room has ample space for an engineer, a band, and even a few friends. There’s also an iso booth with funky angles and lots of visibility, perfect for vocals or loud amps. Our day rate is super accessible -- we want your dreams to become a reality.

echoes is in the North Delridge neighborhood, with lots of businesses within walking distance: two bars, restaurants, a coffee shop, a local market, a photo studio, and a music school. Come check us out!

Studio owner Bryan Standridge loves recording bands and loves music. He believes music is magical and capturing that magic in a studio is an exciting and ethereal process. Drums, voices, instruments, and rooms are awesome, and he loves to record a mix of these sounds, usually all at the same time. He also believes the magic happens when musicians are playing together: looking each other in the eye, becoming more together. Bryan comes from a background limited by 4 to 8 tracks on tape machines, and still applies those techniques today.